La Dolce Vita” is definitely the phrase that comes into my mind when I think of Italy and with each visit, it tends to sweeten. I spent a week visiting Rome and although it was my second time it seemed like the first. The magnificence of the monuments the beauty in the art and the history of the city never gets “old”

Every single corner in this city is Instagram worthy as well as the food…gosh I miss the food…the 7k average walks each day sure helped me not feeling guilty so eating pizza, pasta, carbs, carbs, Ice cream, pizza and so on…(happy days)…Word of advice, If the weather is good don’t spend it in the restaurant, buy a quick lunch like pizza or a panini, find a pretty place (easy task) to sit and enjoy the view…

November is a great month to visit Rome because you still get sunny days and fewer tourists giving you the chance to really appreciate a city that despite the unbelievable amount of tourists it hasn’t lost its identity. At the most touristic places like Piazza Navona its common to see local elementary school groups playing Hopscotch…yes, apparently kids still play this game, around Bernini’s Fountain.


Here are the first of many Rome photos…enjoy and arrivederci!



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