With so many variety of mueslis in the supermarket and with the popularity of Granola rising, seen on most healthy #breakfast posts throughout Instagram, you forget that what makes them yummy is the amount of sugar they have. Depending on how the muesli is done, it often contains less sugar that Granola, which is toasted with syrup.

Personally I like my morning muesli sweet, but to avoid the unnecessary sugar from the packaged muesli, that contains dried fruit, raisons or even chocolate, the homemade version is the best option. I only get oats and then add fresh fruit like strawberries, banana and peaches. To sweeten it up I ad vanilla soy milk and yogurt. The nuts and seeds are also added separately, like linseeds or chia seeds. To make it even more sweet, just add honey. It’s also a great “express” breakfast, fast to do and gives you the morning boost you need until lunch time¬†

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