On my INSTAGRAM account (@mazari_zoio) I’ve been publishing a lot of photos with a colorful refurbished Mercedes Van with SUMMER TOUR written on the side.

The idea for the van tour came up while I was planning things for summer, looking at concerts to go to, beaches to surf…basically thinking about all the things I enjoy about summer and the outfits that go with them.

The van also became a way to show some of the great brands i’ve teamed up with, and companies which helped me make this idea come true, like:

CORK DESIGN: Portuguese Fashion Brand that works exclusively with Portuguese cork. Joana Neves has great taste and creates unique handbags and accessories.

IODO: Also a Portuguese brand focused on Surfing Gear, and representative for several other cool international brands like Wet Sweets. The founder Magda, has an eye for upcoming brands and her enthusiasm is great.


RETRO Movement: Dan Costa is the international shaper behind the brand, using his skils and passion to create customized surfboards. A true craftsman with incomparable shaping abilities.


FIX AWAY: If the Summer Fashion Tour is rolling it’s thanks to this car workshop! Jorge Baptista and his team did a great job recovering the Mercedes-Benz Van so that we could travel the country strait to Asturias (Spain) and back!


LUZ SURF VILLAGE: This surf village is located in Praia da Luz and has all you need for a surfing/relaxed/fun vacation, whether it’s with your family, with friends or alone! We are also teaming up for another project starting September!


BREK Foto: João Bracourt Surf Photographer and a true artist. He has been taking all the pics for the surfing posts (see HERE and HERE)


GIN SUL (Gin Sul Fans Club): Great Gin with roots in one of my favorite places…Odeceixe in the West Cost of the Algarve and produced in Hamburg, Germany. Somewhat like me…half Portuguese half German. Paulo Pinto Luis and Nelson are doing a great job boosting this Gin with a cool vibe!


PORQUÊ DESIGN: The “look” for the van was carried out by designers at Porquê Design who did a great job ! Thanks Pelita and Daniela!


As most of my summer trip partners are surfing brands, I figured it would be a great idea to travel to Asturias in the north of Spain and check out the FAMOUS SALINAS LONG BOARD FESTIVAL. Also to meet up with Dan Costa and his cool daughter Zoe  to try out my new Retro Movement Longboard which is PERFECT (thanks Dan)!! After the festival I travelled down the coast of Spain and Portugal, passing through Aviléz, La Corunha, Vigo, Porto, Nazaré, Ericeira/Ribeira d’ilhas, Lisbon, Portinho da Arrábida and then strait to the West Coast to check out the MEO Sudoeste Festival in Zambujeira do Mar and have a Gin with GIN SUL in Odeceixe!

Meanwhile, the Summer Trip is moving from the Mercedes Van to a boat! I am writing from the train on my way to Lisbon to catch the flight that will take me to Barcelona and then MALTA to sail in the Mediterranean sea on a beautiful yacht for the next weeks !!

Some weeks ago I was thinking about what to do for summer (slightly different) and suddenly I find my self having travelled trough Portugal to Spain and back and now heading to an island in the middle of the Mediterranean to go sailing on a boat…is something I was not planning ! Felling extremely exited !

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