SRI LANKA – Midigama

This beautiful island has had its fair share of tragedy and misfortune. Besides having been colonized by the Portuguese, the Duch, and the English, Sri Lanka went through an extremely violent civil war which lasted more than 20 years, it was also one of the countries struck by the 2004 Tsunami and now, the recent bombings…

Unfortunately, Sri Lanka has also social problems, one of which I noticed immediately upon arrival. Truth be told, as a woman, I didn’t feel as comfortable as I normally do in other countries. I was surprised to find out that about 90 percent of females in Sri Lanka have endured sexual harassment on public transport at least once in their lifetime…and this is only in public transports…it’s not common if you are accompanied so be extra cautious if you are traveling alone.

BUT…and apologies if I momentarily ruined your dreams of visiting Sri Lanka, I can honestly say that my will to return hasn’t been shaken despite all of this

All the time spent on the island was dedicated to surfing since the trip to Thailand was the place for lazy beach activities and sightseeing…at this point we just wanted to surf so we ended up staying in Midigama for almost one month because it had all basic necessities…waves and food. We stayed at Hot Tuna, it was clean and had cozy rooms with Lazy Right and Lazy Left just across the road. As we didn’t have our boards because we spent the previous month traveling through Thailand, (never again will I travel without my board) we rented 2 longboards at Cheeky Monkey Surf Shop in Midigama, its a quick and reasonable choice on a budget.

Life was simple and basic…waking up at 6 am to the sound of the train horn which drives along the coastline, grab a banana and the board, cross the road and surf long rights or lefts until midday. Sometimes we would take a Tuck Tuck and check out other spots but we were mostly “Lazy”.

Brunch was at one of these 2 places: Hot Tuna or at our favorite, Blue Porch, a chilled place with great food, friendly people and view to Ram’s wave. Afternoons were spent driving around with the scooter dodging crazy bus drivers, drinking coconuts while sunbathing, buying fruit at local stands, chilling at Rams Surfing Beach or working on the laptop…simple. Later in the evening, after drinking a cold Lion Beer we would crave for Mamas all you can eat curry buffet and traditional Sri Lanka food or Falafel Tacos, Burritos and the infamous chocolate brownie at Blue Porch, once again…what can I say…it was that delicious and just a 10-minute walk from Hot Tuna. Another yum experience was at Weligama Fish Point where you choose the fish they grill with a Sri Lanka twist and have it brought over to the table set up on the beach.

Most days would be spent this way, but a couple of bad surf days made a good excuse to visit some other places like the Galle Fort, Unawatuna Beach, Mirissa Beach and one special place the Koggala Sea Turtle Farm & Hatchery.

There is so much more to experience in Sri Lanka and I don’t want these last unfortunate events to define this beautiful country. I will return and this time with my longboard.

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