Mermaids 2018

One of the things I appreciated the most from the first Mermaids Surf Event in Faro was that I realized how this lifestyle reduces the “Bitchiness” in a group of women who simply want to surf…quoting Cyndi Lauper, “girls just wanna surf have fun”…

Maybe you can relate…

I feel that women in the water are more considerate, friendly, less competitive and all-around less bitchy with one another. Is it because there are more men than women surfing?…maybe…or is it because surfing just relaxes us so much we just don’t give a shit…?? most likely…or…maybe we lack testosterone?!? Bingo!

Seriously though, I really enjoyed this particular weekend with the lady sliders. We surfed, ate, laughed, drank, did yoga, listened to music and drank some more. Thank you for organizing this Club Surf de Faro!

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