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  • New Year’s Photo Inspo

    It’s almost New Year’s Eve ! Get your party dress ready and your mood on with some photo inspiration. GuardarGuardarGuardarGuardar

  • Untouched

    I can almost say I had the whole beach just to my self…or so it felt. This unusual heat for fall was a good excuse to spend the weekend at the endless west coast beaches…finally finding untouched sand dunes…unthinkable during summer. A place next to home were a couple of days seem like a month…

  • Deserted Island, San Blas

    “Stranded on a deserted island Looked over by the sea Wet like the deep waves Thoughts of you and me Tossing and turning in the sand That gently warms my skin The caress of your sweet soothing touch Slowly reels me in As we lay in the cooling wind That surely gives us air Our…

  • TINY TATTOOS to be Inspired by

    Whether you have decided to do your first tattoo or simply feel like adding one more on your personal canvas you should take some time to search and think about what you really want on your body. Through personal experience I can say that having tattoos you no longer like or regretting can get very frustrating…however…I…


    Fall started really smooth, making it easy to think about colder days ahead. Cant say I miss winter…don’t want to lose my tan I worked so hard on…(ha!) Wearing loose clothes and walk either bare foot or with sandals is also something i’ll miss. It’s so much easier to get dressed in summer…no layering…just a…


    Shirt Dress: Lefties | Jeans: Zara | Espadrilles: Local Shop in Malta | Bagpack: Parfois | Sunglasses: Mango Photos by Luis Cruz (Check here for more of his work)


    Ankle Boots: Bimba Y Lola | Pants: Zara | Belt: Stradivarius | Cape: Primark Photos by Luis Cruz


    Don’t be fooled by the sunshine…it was really cold! I headed up north to Porto for the Susana Traça Shoe collection preview and party some days ago and ended up staying a couple more days… Sweater: Lanidor | Coat / Jeans / Bagpack: Zara | Ankle Boots: Aldo | Sunglasses: Parfois


    Coat: Zara (similar: HERE) | Bagpack: Mango | Pins: Zara | Ankle Boots: Stradivarius | Beanie: Primark