Casco Viejo, Panama City

If you plan a trip to Panama City make sure you stay at the most charismatic part of town called Casco Viejo (Unesco World Heritage Site), a vibrant community consisting of a sharp contrast of the old and new, local and foreign. As you stroll through the old streets from one plaza to the next, you’ll see vendors, shops, boutiques and coffee shops. Panama isn’t exactly famous for its cuisine but in Casco you get really good food and for great prices to, the ceviche for example is known throughout Panama and at only $1 – $2 a cup.


Breakfast: Mahalo Juice Bar & Restaurant // Sleep: Hotel Gatto Blanco and Hostal Casco Viejo // Eat: Fish Market (Fish Tacos) and the Japanese Fish Market for a cup of ceviche (entrance to Casco Viejo) and Restaurant AKI // Shop: Undercover (only local brands) // Party: Gatto Blanco Rooftop and Bar Mandiga (local Rum)

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