To take full advantage of body oils the best way to do so is by applying the oil right after showering. Don’t towel of before or after applying. I know it sounds tricky but you’ll get use to it quick, specially in summer your skin drys faster…just get your self busy drying your hair, brushing your teeth or dancing around naked and in no time you’re done. The logic behind this is simple…Body lotions and creams are basically oil and water held together with emulsifiers. So you’re actually creating a lotion when you apply the oil directly to the wet skin, but with no emulsifiers (and other stuff).

Oil also makes your skin incredibly soft and tends to have a much higher concentration of potent ingredients like antioxidants and vitamins, which make skin cells more functional at retaining water and less susceptible to damage! Have a look at the oil selection!

  1. BOBBI BROWN Beach Body Oil
  2. BALI BODY Tanning / Body Oil
  3. FIG + YARROW Bath & Body Oil
  4. FARM AESTHETICS Sweet Soy Body Oil
  5. CLARINS Relax Body Treatment Oil
  6. RODIN Luxury Body Oil

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