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  • CoolnVintage – The best way to explore

    Certain places in the world feel magical and this is one of them…wild and untamed, that’s how I describe the Algarve’s west coast. This rugged land with steep cliffs and pristine beaches has been part of my own personal discoveries since my early teens when surfing became part of my life. It’s a special place and…

  • SRI LANKA – Midigama

    This beautiful island has had its fair share of tragedy and misfortune. Besides having been colonized by the Portuguese, the Duch, and the English, Sri Lanka went through an extremely violent civil war which lasted more than 20 years, it was also one of the countries struck by the 2004 Tsunami and now, the recent bombings… Unfortunately, Sri Lanka…

  • Bangkok & Ayutthaya, THAILAND

    What to expect from Bangkok? Everything…The city is filthy and smelly. The first impression is dirt and odor and you immediately choke on the smog…but…it also has pretty amazing things to see and eat, and if you resist the typical food stands you will be lucky enough to avoid food poisoning which I’m proud to…

  • Gliding Barnacles 2018 – Photo Diary

    There is no such thing as “having too much fun”. |Wheels | Cool & Vintage |Boards | Dan Costa – Retro Movement |Fun | Gliding Barnacles

  • Mermaids 2018

    One of the things I appreciated the most from the first Mermaids Surf Event in Faro was that I realized how this lifestyle reduces the “Bitchiness” in a group of women who simply wanna surf…quoting Cyndi Lauper, “girls just want to surf have fun”… Maybe you can relate… I feel that women in the water are…

  • Love afair

    No waves…no worries…spent some quality time with a single but unavailable Retro Movement Log and Tim Wendrich was there to capture those special moments. Clear blue water, sunshine and a beautiful sunset at the end…but cold, really cold. Things you do for love right? Thank you for the pic Tim!

  • Taking the 28 Tram – Lisbon

    It used to be a normal tram ride through town, but now, the tram number 28 is a tourist attraction that crosses from Campo de Ourique driving in between narrow roads up to the São Jorge Castle ending at Martim Moniz. It’s also an inexpensive and quick way to see Lisbon if you’re not staying long. The trip…

  • New Year’s Photo Inspo

    It’s almost New Year’s Eve ! Get your party dress ready and your mood on with some photo inspiration. GuardarGuardarGuardarGuardar

  • Tapioca Pancake

    This is hands down the healthiest version of a pancake. It might not come at the best time since its almost Christmas and all I can think about right now is far from healthy…but, if you have the will to keep your self away from all the sugar then I hope this post helps you keep on…

  • Rome: Photo Diary

    I’ve been wandering In the city of monuments Where everything is grand And old and new And presents a promise Of great deeds   I’ve been inspired By the masters of old Who dedicated their lives To art and thought And brought us closer To a passionate force... Oscar Mann GuardarGuardar