Bangkok & Ayutthaya, THAILAND

What to expect from Bangkok? Everything…The city is filthy and smelly. The first impression is dirt and odor and you immediately choke on the smog…but…it also has pretty amazing things to see and eat, and if you resist the typical food stands you will be lucky enough to avoid food poisoning which I’m proud to say I did…although I tried one or two stands and nothing happened. On the other hand, I managed to get a 40-degree fever and ended up staying way longer in Bangkok than expected, ups.

It’s common to hear people say “either you love it or you hate it”…well, I feel inbetween…highlights were definitely visiting all the Buddhist temples, walk through the chaotic vendor-lined streets in china town, get lost at the Chatuchak Weekend Market, drink iced mango juice and Tahi Tea.

Although there is much to fall in love with, there are other less attractive things but there are plenty of blogs and websites so I won’t get into that…one thing is for sure, love it or hate or even in between, Bangkok is a city to visit like anywhere else in the world because it’s unique and that’s reason enough.

Next stop…Ayutthaya!


PAT CAFÉ BO RAAN – Best place for Phad thai


BAAN Khaosan – Khaosan Road

The owner and chef Alice will welcome you with a warm smile and prepare you original Thai Food…she also speaks English and is always ready to share with you useful tips.


You will definitely enjoy riding the bike around this UNESCO World Heritage Site. One full day is enough to see the monuments.


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