AVOCADO ON TOAST…yes please!

The reason why you’ve been seeing plenty of photos on social media of individuals eating avocado on toast isn’t just because the photos look good on Instagram, it’s mainly because of the avocado’s healthy benefits, often referred as a super food…so let’s understand why:

  1. VERY NUTRITIOUS: Avocados are very nutritious and contain a wide variety of nutrients, including 20 different vitamins and minerals. They don’t contain any cholesterol or sodium, and are low in saturated fat, yesssss!!
  2. RICH IN POTASSIUM: If you are only counting on eating banana for your potassium levels…start eating avocado…with 100 gram serving it has 14%, compared to 10% of bananas, which are considered a high potassium food. It helps you keep your blood pressure levels healthy and avoiding having a stroke every time you see the price of a Channel bag…
  3. FATS YOU CAN EAT: Although one of the fattiest plant foods on the planet, it’s a monounsaturated fatty acid, which means it’s a “heart healthy” fatty acid…just think of the avocado as the new “Health bacon”…
  4. FIBER O’CLOCK: Soluble fiber is known to be able to feed the friendly gut bacterias in the intestine, which are very important for your metabolic health, helping you lose weight….
  5. DELICIOUSLY GREEN: Adding this funny looking plant food to your diet is really easy because it tastes much better then in looks and goes with more then just toast.
  6. FAST TO PREPARE: Keeping a healthy diet isn’t easy when all you see around you are fast food commercials and restaurants…adding lack of time to prepare your own meals, you end up eating what you promised your self you wouldn’t. Avocado is a ready to eat plant food and really easy to prepare!

Here are some avocado on toast recipes for you try out during the day. Bon appetite!


  1. Simple mashed or sliced avocado on toast with a poached egg on top;
  2. Simple mashed or sliced avocado on toast with honey on top;
  3. Cream cheese (Philadelphia Cheese) on toast with sliced avocado on top;

Avocado-toast-just-breakfast-item Emily-Kolberg-Avocado-Toast




  1. Avocado smashed with salt, pepper and some drops of lemon on toast with grilled tomatoes and rocket salad;
  2. Sliced avocado on toast with smoked salmon and watercress;
  3. Avocado smashed with some drops of lemon, cucumber slices and grilled chicken breast.

RoastedTomatoAvocadoFinal 73427-201509051324 Smoked-Salmon-and-Grilled-Halloumi-Avocado-Toast-FFDINNER

  1. Sliced avocado on toast with fried mushrooms and onions;
  2. Avocado smashed with salt, pepper and some drops of lemon on toast with fried shrimps;
  3. Smashed avocado with sliced peach and cheddar cheese (place in the oven until the cheese melts).

avocado-toast-bar-pic tfss-164b1281-6a2d-4a1e-8831-b935eca54b80-grilled-peach-avocado-toast-with-cheddar Avocado-Mushroom-Toast-1

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September 28, 2016 at 10:25 am

great for kids!


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